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Doctor, who truly have a passion for delivering the highest standard of care in a very friendly environment!!!

Irina M. - Brooklyn

Your truly a great PT doctor and if not for you I probably still be in pain and visiting hopeless PTs ... Thank you

Sabina T. - Staten Island, NY

Thank you for your help with the rehab of my shoulder.
After receiving surgery to repair the torn labrum in my left shoulder,
I began physical therapy at New U Physical Therapy. Dr.Polonskiy's
continuous efforts to ensure the proper healing of his patience as
well as professionalism of him as well as his staff sets the standard
for all other physical therapy facilities to emulate. After my first
session at New U, I was immediately able to see results.
Dr.Polonskiy's hands on approach to ALL of his patients provides an
expedited healing process. His hours are very flexible and the
equipment and rehabilitation program was excellent. I highly recommend
New U Physical Therapy. Dr.Polonskiy, thank you for your outstanding
commitment towards my recovery!

Joe Coscia - Staten Island, NY

Love this office! Convenient working hours! Perfect Team. Highly recommended!

Helen L. - Staten Island, NY

"If you are like me, you are searching the internet for some relief from your pain. Mine just happens to be a torn Meniscus and a Painful Bakers Cyst. I read that cold laser therapy might help so then I found Boris on the internet. I can honestly say when I started I told him I could not do exercise because of the after pain it would cause me, but ever since I have been seeing him for 1 month he has changed my life. Boris is very caring and truly cares and knows everyone of his patients. Boris is more then just your therapist he is the most wonderful human being I know. He has taken me out of my painful slump which has caused me to gain weight from lack of exercise. Right now I am back on track exercising with no after pain. no pain from humidity. no tired feeling. I FEEL GREAT! and you will too! Thank You Boris..."

Charlene F. - Staten Island, NY

"My progress was excellent and I could not have done it without the physical therapy treatment provided by Boris."

Igor P. - Staten Island, NY

"After my sciatica injury, I tried everything, Boris was extremely helpful and helped me get back to my old activities. "

Vlad A. - Brooklyn, NY